Roman Amphitheatre In Pula

Yesterday we did two seperate trips, worthy of two posts – which is what I will do.. 😊

First we visited the town of Pula, where the roman amphitheatre was – apparently the second largest in the world after the Coliseum in Rome.

Truly a magnificent and well preserved three tiered building…


Isn’t is amazing? Very difficult to capture the whole building in one photo however…

The older three kids were fascinated by the building, and Maya and Alfie fascinated by the dressed up gladiators of whom Alfie is pictured with…


Alfie told me that the sword was almost impossible to carry because of it’s weight. Ted was rather scared of these characters!

We then looked at a small exhibition under the building, of mainly pots, but also a chariot and a machine (used to crush the juice out of grapes)…


…before we left for the next sightseeing trip…!




2 thoughts on “Roman Amphitheatre In Pula

  1. Here I think I am taking my kids to something special when we camp at Gettysburg, and you are taking yours to a Roman Amphitheatre! Wow! What wonderful history lessons are in this trip….and a lot of fun as well.

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