Roman Pots!

After seeing some roman pots at the amphitheatre…

We bought some terracotta clay and, using an example we found in the house…

…decided to make our own.

We read that roman pots had been very simple (unlike the ancient greek pots which had a lot of decoration), and noticed that the ones in the museum mostly had tall ‘necks’ for pouring.

We knew this might be tricky, but tried our best…


Maya and I decided to do our pots first outside while the boys were swimming. We attempted to make ours with ‘necks’, but realised it was very difficult!

The above one is mine. Had I had more clay I would have attempted a longer neck, but didn’t want to make it too thin, so left it as that. I like it anyway. 😊

Maya was braver. Her first attempt was this…

…but wanted to make the neck longer, and as she too was afraid of making it too thin, she made an ‘extra’ neck, in to a kind of double layer….

Certainly the most ‘roman like’ ! 😊

Ted joined us ; enjoyed the experience of just mushing the clay, feeling it squash between his fingers and spreading it over the paper. He said, with glee, that he was “just making a mess!”



Alfie decided to make his pot inside. A “breakfast bowl” he said…..

He was actually remarkably skilled and produced this beautiful bowl very quickly.

Leon, who doesn’t like ‘sticky’ things was convinced in to having a go, and also produced a beautiful bowl. It was much easier than he had expected – and he enjoyed it too!

I think they all look lovely together drying in the sun, like true roman pots!



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