I’ve been writing this blog since 2009, and it’s almost become a diary – certainly ‘ a book of memories’ for our family anyway. Seeing pictures of Maya when she was only 4, and Leon when he was barely 7 – and now they are almost 12, and 14.5!

The blog has been through different phases – of more personal, to activity suggestions and travel recommendations – at one point becoming quite a popular blog, before I took a six month break, and the blog status dipped.

At times the blog felt tedious – something that I had to live up to, set ‘the perfect scene’ or the ‘perfect photo’. At times I felt I was doing an activity more for the blog and less for the child. And then it became a chore.

But I’ve always looked back through it with a smile – knowing that this is my family’s history, in order, in beautiful pictures, and in writing. And that’s why I want to continue…

However, I want it to be different now. Leon will be 15 in the summer, Maya soon 12 – they don’t like me taking photos of them much anymore, and naturally they have become more independent, spending more time hanging out with their lovely friends. At the same time, I don’t want to be pulled back in to the feeling that I ‘have’ to ‘do something’ for the blog.

From now on, this blog is going to be for me, and for my family, if they want to look through their own history. Perhaps in the future I will make it private, perhaps not, we will see.

Right now, just a photo a day (or not) will suffice. Something short and sweet. A thought.

And today is where I’ll start……

A trip to the post museum. Just Richard, Alfie, Ted and I. As always, they enjoyed the ‘writing postcards’ place first, where the kids (and the adults!) get to decorate and write a card, then stamp it, and ‘post mark’ it from the museum, before posting it in the box. They both wrote two each.

There’s also a play area, with a post van and parcels, and a pretend post office where you sort the parcels. But neither of them spend very long there – there were a lot of small kids there – and they were really quite loud!

Upstairs was the history of post exhibition, and a fun area called ‘Hej'(Hello) about writing. Here you could use a typewriter, solve a letter code, practice handwriting on a chalk board, write another postcard, try mirror writing, or try out drawing on a keypoint presentation board. They loved this bit – especially Alfie.

So this is my photo for the day – Alfie drawing a toad on the presentation board…. 😉




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