Making Catapults

Last night I had my Monday english group. Three boys, between 12 and 14, and they are just loving the topic of ancient Rome!

So far, we have made roman villas from lego, designed mosaics using beans and seeds, made our own shields, helmets and swords, designed and experimented with making aqueducts and arches, made gladiator areas from sugar cubes, watching a documentary on Pompei, and so on.

Last night, after playing the roman game of ‘trigon’, we talked about the Punic War between Rome and Carthage, and what was used in this 100 year war, which was esentially three battles. As catapults were used, it seemed only fun to engineer a catapult, using lolly pop sticks, and elastic bands.

We had a lot of fun – and they worked well!



2 thoughts on “Making Catapults

  1. I will have to interest our Grandson Michael into making catapults! He loves to make things and that would be fun for him. He would definitely like that! Right now he loves the Titanic and constructs it out of paper. His Mother read the book to him and he is hooked! (She is a teacher in the grade school).

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    • The Titanic sounds like a fun topic Gloria! And I must say, the boys LOVED making the catapults! Actually, I had fun too!!😂 X

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