Yet the downside of going to playgroup, is that there’s always the risk of sharing just too many bacterias.

And that’s where ‘magsjuk’ comes in. The stomach bug. That’s polite – yes just say it – the vomiting bug.

Now I’m not saying it’s just Sweden that has it, because of course it’s not. It’s just that before we came to Sweden, I had only experienced one of my children having it – once. Since coming to Sweden, I have experienced every child having it, not once, but a few times every year – usually around October/November, and February/March.

Ironically then, that last night I thought to myself “I think we may have skippped the pre-Christmas ‘magsjuk'”…….and then, at 1am, I heard the familiar cry “mamma, I ‘kräkas’ in my bed”!!! ‘Kräkas’ by the way, means ‘vomit’ – I think ‘kräkas’ is a more appropriate word  however, as it gives a projectile sound to it as it’s pronounced…….😳😲😣😷😆

So anyway, that was my night time sleep gone. And this is pretty much what the day has been like – an attempt to keep Ted isolated and still – which generally means television……




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