Advent Calendars In Our Home

Two days later and the stomach bug continues to take its toll. First Ted, then Maya, now Alfie. “Who’s next?” I hear you say….

Stuck at home, with the Christmas cards already written and sent, the house decorated but no tree yet here to complete the decorating. We can’t bake with this bug on the rampage, and we’ve seen enough Christmas films and read enough Christmas stories to keep us going for a while…..but there is one thing that give us a little positive burst each day….

….our advent calendars!

I have always tried hard to make the kids one personal advent calendar between them. We’ve had the big cardboard tree with a sweetie for every day (I WON’T be repeating this one!) ; we’ve had the one with the green handprints in the shape of a tree where you turn a hand to reveal a photo of a favourite friend or family member (wonderful!) ; we’ve had the big cardboard tree where you glue a shiny coloured star over each date as a countdown (simple!) ; we’ve had the socks with an activity a day (hard to keep up with!), and this year, we have the advent boxes – each with a small treat like a chocolate coin, ย or a small toy like a bouncy ball, or an activity, like containing a stamp each to send a card to a special friend.


These advent calendars have always been recieved with such joy – even from our oldest, who is now 14, and one would think too old to enjoy such pleasures. Each day, a tiny spark of excitement is released from each and every child, as they ask “can I open the advent calendar?” ๐Ÿ˜Š

But possibly the most fun, has been the children’s ability to repeat this joy for eachother. We have had copious years of the kids busy cutting windows, writing numbers and filling in pictures on their homemade calendars, mainly done for eachother, and sometimes done for me.

However, this year, we had something new. Advent boxes, made for eachother, obviously inspired by the boxes I made for them…….


Alfie’s for Maya, being the top one (with the larger numbers that tend to fall off), and Maya’s for Alfie, (being the slightly more organised and neater version)!

And what do they put in them? Marbles, and rubbers, and small paper hearts with “I love you” written on them, and a small lego man or a coin. And everything just taken from bits and bobs in their own bedroom. And each and every ‘door’ recieves just as much excitement and joy, as any shop-bought calendar which might contain sweets, or chocolate, or a new toy. Now isn’t that just fabulous? ๐Ÿ˜€ And not a penny is spent!

Oh! And just for the record mum – Maya did manage to finish sewing her Advent Calendar kit you gave her last year! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š






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