Lucia, End Of Term & This Week In General

Finally, after a week, and all four children have gone through the stomach bug, we seem to be in the clear…though Ted seems to now have picked up a cold…😬

Last Sunday it was Lucia. We had a lovely morning in the church watching our little gingerbread man in the ‘Lucia tåg’, singing all the classic songs.

(Unfortunately, WordPress seems to be doing it’s usual thing of being inconsistent again, and I can’t seem to download the photos….☹…I shall have to try in a while..)

Despite sickness, we had a pleasant Lucia afternoon, with saffron buns and hot chocolate, and watching ‘Frosty the snowman’ with the smalls.

The end of term has come for the schools now, and we have three weeks of holiday.

Leon’s teacher (she must be one of the kindest teachers ever!) took the class to the cinema to see the new ‘Star Wars’ film.

Maya and Alfie’s school had their annual ‘ljus vandring’ (candle walk) through the forest, which was as magical as ever, despite the rain. And let’s not forget the ‘glögg’ (like a non-alchoholic mulled wine) and gingerbread biscuits at the end of the walk. 😊

Maya’s class, in their outdoor woodwork classroom, have been working on making a big wooden ‘Julbok’ each (a Christmas mountain goat, which is a Swedish folktale tradition left from pagan times), which, with their parents, they were to decorate with straw or pine branches. We decorated ours with straw, and wonderful he looks guarding the front door together with the pine branch ‘Tomte’ Maya made at scouts…

It does seem that we are ahead of ourselves this Christmas. The Christmas cards have been sent, the presents bought, the house is decorated, and we have had a busy week of baking saffron buns and gingerbread biscuits (may I just tell you that we had all four children around the table doing this, organised solely by Leon and Maya!), and last weekend we made three different kinds of Christmas sweets ‘is-choklad’ (ice chocolates), ‘mint kyssa’ (mint kisses) and ‘knäck’ (a nutty toffee, with no direct  translation).

We just have to get the tree up, and we’re ready! 😊🎄👍

Now I’ll see if I can sort out those photos! 🤔



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