Finally! Snow!

Yesterday we woke up to this…

 So you can imagine what the kids did all day! They all had a fantastic time sledging and playing outside in the snow with their friends – but the difference was, Leon and Alfie went to friend’s houses, and Maya took Ted, and went to the neighbour’s sledging hill. 

So we (the parents of four children) went for a walk! Alone! A very strange, but rather nice feeling… I felt like we were a bit like an elderly couple going for a Sunday stroll, watching from a distance young families out to play….😂

After about an hour or so however, Maya rang us and told us that Ted wanted us to join them – so we did. 😊⛄️

The kids were so happy to have snow – they just really didn’t want it to melt away.

But this morning we woke up to this… I think we’ll be okay for at least one more day! 😊👍


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