Happy New Year

We spend a very nice new year’s eve with old friends (and our God-daughter Lykke), with food and chocolates, non-alchoholic champagne, noise-makers and balloons, indoor fireworks and streamers and sparklers.  


 Our friends have a dog, who they chose to leave behind, as she is a ‘bird hunter’, and we have hens…😳…so they had to leave early, but it didn’t matter, because afterwards we baked and decorated ‘firework’ cookies, played 2015 memory (we made our own family version), and after Alfie and Ted went to bed, we watched a film and watched the fireworks outside…

I hope you all had a good new years eve, and I hope you all have a wonderful 2016, full of happy things and good health.

2015 for me was quite a sad and difficult personal year, with one of my best friends being diagnosed with breast cancer, the mother of my oldest childhood friend dying suddenly, and someone very special to my heart suffering a severe stroke. While my friend is now, thankfully, in remission, and my friend’s mother was 83 and had a beautiful funeral, the latter still continues to suffer, and it still saddens me every day.

Fortunately, today, I have the opportunity to go and visit him in England for a few days – surely a lovely start to a new year!

Here’s hoping 2016 is a better one! 🍾🍸


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