My Friend….

This is the week I returned from seeing my sweet friend in England. Seeing someone you love and care about, and someone you know so extremely well, losing their independence, is heart breaking. Every day I miss his writing, his humour, and his voice. His posts on Facebook which made me laugh, and his personal messages to me that made me smile. Each second of every day is full of sadness right now – I would never have know this would effect me so stongly…. 

But I went to England to see him, and I took him out to the shops in his wheelchair, and he enjoyed a trip to a café. I enrolled him in the local library so that he will be able to borrow and watch films and listen to cds. I re-registered him on to Spotify so he will be able to find the music he likes, and I managed to get from him a list of bands that he likes, so his mum will be able to buy him some cds. They say music is good for stroke victims, and it is the path to get them speaking again. 

Having lived with this friend for four years, having spent every day with him, even doing the same college course, washing our clothes together, cooking together, shopping for food together, hanging out with friends together – I know him like no other person. He was my best friend and my soul mate.

So I know, that each time I make that trip to England, I make a difference. I make a difference to the quality of his life, to the happiness in his days – even if just for a few days every couple of months. 

And that’s important. For him, and for me.  

We’ll get you better again dear friend. 

Soon you’ll be walking and speaking and writing and making us all laugh again, like you did just six months ago. 😊


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