This Week…

This week I took Alfie and Ted to ‘Disney On Ice’…

 They loved it – but especially Ted, who came home, dressed up as a pirate-princess, and brought snow in from outside and spread it all over the living room floor, determined to make his own ‘Disney on Ice’…😆

This week was ‘Epiphany’, and so we had a ‘King’s cake’, and Maya got the bean, so she will decide what we do as a family on Sunday.

This week we had snow. Lots of it… we’ve been outside a lot. 

This week it’s also been very cold, down to minus 10 degrees C, so we’ve been lighting the open fire…

And this week the kids went back to school, leaving in the darkness and the cold, on Thursday morning…

 …and the ‘talk of the town’ back at school, was the little house that almost got burnt down opposite the school. Alfie and Maya can’t stop looking at it, and wondering what happened…..

…a real lesson in leaving lit candles in rooms on their own perhaps?

So that was this week. 😊



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