English Club : Week 1 January 2016

Our first week of a new term, and in the Monday club we are doing the topic ‘Stars, space and supernovas’…..

We started off easy. I knew two off these boys had had their first day back at school, and getting back in to the rhythm of early mornings, would mean they would be tired – and so, after an introduction of the topic, they were given their first ‘mission’….


..and by following a list of instructions, and a list of ingredients, they had to make their own ‘moon rocks’ (or meteors..)….

 Of course, Leon wouldn’t let me take a photo of him, but I think he worked the hardest…

…though in an oven, liquorice sprinkles tend to ‘melt’…so ultimately, although perhaps not so edible, Leon’s probably looked the most space like of all… 😆

On Thursday I had the second group, in which we have two more children, and our topic is ‘Earth, air, fire and water’ (the elements). 

After an introduction to the topic, I wanted to start off with some games, to welcome the new children, and so we started with using the ‘air’ in our lungs by sucking up marshmallows and transferring them to our plates….

 …before counting them…

We then played a game where the children had to make a maze from bricks, and then take turns blowing ‘air’ from their lungs, to make a ping-pong ball travel through the maze – and time how long it takes….

 After this we talked about why we need air, and started to design our own windmills, which we will finish next week. 😊


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