‘Julgransplundering’ (End Of Christmas!)

In Sweden we celebrate ‘Julgransplundering’ – which literally mean ‘Christmas tree plundering’….which is the ‘disintergration’ of the Christmas tree and all decorations around… 😜

The date that it is done is on the 13th of January, the twentieth day after Christmas. This year however, we did is on the Sunday before, on the 10th January, at the Nordic Museum….. 😊

The Nordic Museum, a beautiful building, is also home to the Gusav Vasa statue….


First there was dancing around the tree, with traditional Swedish Christmas songs…


Next there was a treasure hunt throughout the museum, to find the tomten’s hat, while learning about Christmas through history….


…after which the kids got a diploma…

There was coffee or ‘saft’ (squash), cinnamon buns and gingerbread biscuits, and then, after a little more dancing around the tree, Tomten (Father Christmas) came, with his ‘Nisse’ (elves), pulling a cart piled high with brown paper bags, full of tangerines and old fashioned sweets for the children…



It was lovely – and so then, Christmas was over…. 😊

But that was last weekend… 😳😂




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