This Week : 11th January

This week was the first week back at school for the older kids, though Ted starts playgroup next week.

This week was a very wintery week. A week for outside winter walks….

..and a week for discovering ice on the lake, and icicles….

It has been VERY cold, down to – 18 C some days, and on those days we have made indoor snowmen…

…or gone to the library…

 Activities started up again – English club (see next post) ; a very cold scout evening where we cooked blueberry soup and pinnbröd (stick bread) over a camp fire in the forest at -15 C ;  and theatre club again for both Maya and Alfie – including a performance this weekend for Maya ; and of course riding for Maya, in which the horses had icicles hanging off their nose hairs…. 😳

…and of course friends – always lots of friends to play! 😃


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