English Group ; Air & Windmills

We talked about air ; how we know it’s there, how it reacts and why, and how we use it.

If I don’t have any books on the subject in English, I translate for myself and write it down – good for my Swedish too! 

I then read this out to the children, translating where neccassery and asking questions to make sure they are understanding.

We then went on to make windmills, using visual instructions to help us along…

 Some kids wanted to paint their sticks, but the ones who didn’t got to design a paper aeroplane and test it, to see which one would go the farthest. Then they had to write a sentence in English about what they had learnt – I asked the sentence to be simple as many children at this time of the evening are tired, and I don’t want it to be like school. 🙂 

 Another successful lesson – I hope! 😂


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