This Week : 18th Jan…

This week Ted started back at playgroup, and the others are still settling back in to school and other activities, in their second week. Darkness still prevails much of the day, and it is still absolutely freezing outside (on average around -10 C), so everyone is still feeling pretty slow and tired.. 🐌💤

Alfie started at ‘Star Wars Club’ at school this week, which he thought was absolutely brilliant! This has inspired a lot of lego Star Wars play, along with Ted…..

On Wednesday evening Alfie and I went sledging with the scouts, and although he enjoyed it, he was probably more enthusisatic about the amazing snow crystals that had formed…which we observed in the evening…

….also in the day….

…and writing in the frosty crystals on the postbox…

As always, Alfie has been enjoying ‘Geometry Dash’ and designing is own levels – on paper as well as on screen….😄

 And as always, Alfie has had lots of friends to play!

This week Ted has been much inspired by Egyptian drawings (although he keeps calling them Indian!), and insists on me printing lots out for him to colour in…


….which inspires him to draw his own…


He also has a fun day out at an indoor play place with his friends Alice and Noelia…

Leon and Maya have been working hard at school and english lessons, afterschool activities and spending time with friends – and Maya starts her first piano lesson tomorrow! 😄

So that is this week so far! 👍😆


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