Letter S

I’m trying to teach Ted his letters, in a playful manner, before he starts school after the summer. It’s not that I don’t really think he’ll learn them eventually – it’s just that I think he needs just a little ‘nudge’ in the right direction – and I know that, despite it being ‘förskoleklass’ (aka Reception, or Kindergatan), they definately do letters….

Ted certainly has shown interest in the last six months with letters. He knows that letters mean ‘reading’ and that you go from left to right in english, and he can recognise and form a handful of letters (mostly always) correctly. He can also recognise his own name, and knows what letters his families names begin with.

So we started with S. Because S is easy to recognise – being like a wiggly snake – and of course, snow begins with S – and we had lots of that around!

So I cut out an S shape, and he covered it with STICKERS of SNOWMEN, SNOWFLAKES and STARS…  

We made SNOWFLAKES from paper (admittedly mostly me! 😂)…..  

…and marshmallow crispy SNOWMEN (which I unfortunately forgot to photo).

We have obviously played a lot in the SNOW, and have been reading books about it….  Charlie and Lola is his favourite. 😊

We have of course already been SLEDGING…  …and SKATING and SLIDING on the ice….  …and reading books about things like that too… We also made SNAKES from plastercine….  ….ate SAUSAGES and SPAGHETTI, and continued STAR WARS lego play with Alfie…..   

 And now they have gone to get SATURDAY SWEETIES…. 😄

I think I might be succeeding, because yesterday Ted wrote an S for the first time and proudly showed me! 👍😊


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