Chinese New Year

We decided to celebrate a little Chinese New Year on Sunday. I know it was yesterday, but I also knew I had my english group, and a chinese meal wouldn’t be realistic. We couldn’t see the dancing dragon celebrations in town either, because it coincided with swimming lessons.

So a chinese meal at home it was….and very nice too!

We had red enevelopes for money gifts, from my friend Maxine…

..and made lanterns….

  …classic old decorations, going strong for years….

….and new ones…..


Chinese ‘joss lights’ (thank you Maxine again)….

…we used chopsticks (or tried to!)…

…and had a delicious chinese meal cooked by Richard…

…followed by my fortune cookies (which didn’t turn out so well! 😂)…..

We had some Chinese books on offer (thanks mum for the first one)….

…and some colouring sheets (year of the monkey – Maya’s year!)…

…plus a little sensory writing tray, with chinese numbers….

All in all, a lovely calm chinese celebration! 😃


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