Grown Up Time : Photography Exhibition

My friend Maxine came from London this weekend – just for a quick visit. She brought her older son Tate, who had a great weekend of freedom with Leon, playing minecraft and card games, and eating hugely oversized tubs of ice-cream.

So while Richard took Alfie and Ted to Skansen (a local swedish outdoor cultural museum and zoo), Maxine, Maya (because she had her piano lesson in town anyway) and I took to the ‘streets’ 😂.

After looking in a couple of favourite shops, and having a meal at ‘Kophangnang’, one of our favourite Thai restaurants, we went to the photography museum.

Esentially I wanted to see an exhibition about children who had been in Syria, and were now homelesss refugees – it was the last day, and I had heard so much about it. We saw it. It was very sad, but interesting. 

But there was another exhibition there – one I liked even more – by ‘Martin Schoeller’, a portrait photographer who had taken (mostly) celebrities close up pictures – and it was brilliant!

Here are some of my favourites…

An excellent exhibition, well worth seeing!

And the stroll along the quay home was pretty nice too…





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