O is for Octopus

Ted enjoyed focusing on cats so much when we did letter C – so we’ve decided to focus on (mostly) simply an animal beginning with that letter, in our alphabet. 😊

This week we did letter O, so apart from ‘orange’ (both the colour and the fruit)…

…we focused on the ‘octopus’.

We read some books with octopuses in (as well as other ‘O’words)….  

Ted liked the last book the best, ‘Zebbe Dyker’ (Zebbe Dives), but I was less keen. It depicts the octopus as a scary, dangerous animal, instead of the intelligent, amazing animal it is. However, stories with octopuses in were hard to come by…

To counteract this however, I showed Ted some short educational clips about octopuses on ‘Youtube’, which he loved, and then inspired him to draw a picture from….

I love it. ❀️

We learnt that octopuses have eight legs, can squeeze through tiny holes as big as their head, are incredibly intelligent, that pacific octopuses grow to an enormous size, and that they eat scallops and other shellfish, and change their skin colour and texture to communicate. 

We then made some octopuses from salt dough…..


Ted’s octopus only had six legs. We’re still working on counting! 😘

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