English Group : First Lesson With Fire

We are moving from air, to fire now.

We started the lesson with a walk down to the lake, followed by the grilling of marshmallows over an open fire. We built the fire, lit the fire, kept it ‘alive’ by blowing it gently from underneath, we discussed the colours in the fire and how the sparks flew, and generally just enjoyed it…   

 Then we lit a hot air balloon! Yes, I found one – a big one – of about a metre long – and we managed to get it up into the air! And it was magic! We cheered and clapped our hands, and watched it fly away…..

Typically my phone has ran out of batteries by now.. 😐

But what did we learn?

That fire needs air.

That warm air rises (thus, the fire warming the air and helping the balloon to rise).

That bodies can shelter fire from the wind.

And that teamwork is important!



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