English Club : The Phases Of The Moon

Last night we learnt about the phases of the moon. 

We started with an experiment using a foil covered ball (the moon!), and a torch, in darkness. Shining the torch on the ball and getting the kids to walk around looking at how bright the ball shone, or not, gave the idea of how the moon looks at its different phases, and how the sun affects it.

We then talked about the different phases of the moon – how long it took for the moon to rotate the earth, how long it took between each stage, what each stage looked like and what it was called.

I then challenged the kids to make the moon phases using Oreo cookies…(which they thought was great of course! πŸ˜†)….

We then read about the moon and how it affects the sea, plant growth, rainfall, people – and about an African myth about ‘the hare in the moon’…

…before starting to watch the beginning of a film ‘Moon’. πŸ˜ƒ

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