English Group : Experiencing Fire

Last week our english group had a fantastic time, quite simply ‘experiencing’ fire!

We walked down to the lake, and started by learning how to build a fire. Start with a ‘grandmother’s cottage’ of wood logs, and then put small dry kindling, bark and newspaper in the middle and in the sides…

It is very obvious to me which children are in the scouts – those who are not afraid, and feel safe around fire. 😊

I tried to encourage the children who were not in the scouts to light the fire. It didn’t always work…

….but sometimes I managed to crack them 😂….

We had an amazing time.

Cooking sausages wrapped in strips of dough (‘pinn-bröd’) on sticks…

  Experimenting with ‘torches’ and making fire patterns in the sky…   

  ….oh so wonderful when you finally ‘crack’ the nervous ones….😊…    

Experimenting as to whether they can make a fire on (and burn a hole in!) the ice….

…and just generally enjoying eachother’s company by the warmth of the fire, and learning to work as a ‘team’….   

We talked about what fire gives us – the heat to cook our food, the heat for warmth, and light. We also talked about having respect for fire, and how to be safe around fire – and of course, to always be sure to put a fire out (and how!)….  

A truly wonderful evening with truly wonderful kids! 😘



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