Saint Patricks Day

I always try to mark Saint Patricks day with something. It doesn’t exist in Sweden, but over the years my kids have known of its existence through me, so we continue to ‘celebrate’ it, in our tiny ways.

This year I have been reading stories to Alfie about various Saints, so I was specific to read to him the story of St Patrick (this time found on the internet). 

 Usually we also read the book ‘Jack and the Leprechaun’, and put out our very own leprechaun Liam, and his rainbow… 

…and I make green sugar coated shamrocks (although it’s taken me to this year to notice that this is actually a four leafed clover! 😳) … 

 Most years Liam the leprechaun leaves his ‘footprints’, getting up to tricks such as green milk, and shamrocks in our shoes, or leaving a trail of shamrocks to find some ‘gold’ (money or chocolate coins) at the end of the rainbow….

….but this year, with me being unwell, Liam was kind, and just left some chocolate coins tied up in a rainbow coloured ‘coffee filter’…. 

…which was beautiful… 😊

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