English Group : Shadows

On Thursday we talked about what we had learnt from fire – that we had learnt how to light a fire, and how to put one out. That fire can be used for cooking, for warmth and for light. 

We then took a lit candle each, and I asked the kids to look at the flames carefully, and to see what they did. Eventually they figured out, that in the darkness, the flames made shadows.

We then played a game, which I had made myself (using cardboard for trees, paper for the game board, and wooden gnomes from another game for the counters), but which I had read about, and that you can buy.

It is called ‘Shadows in the woods’. There are variations of the game, but we played it so that everyone hid their gnome in the trees while the light bearer hid their eyes. When hidden, the light bearer lights the candle, turns off the main light, and using a dice, moves the candle around the game board.

The idea is that the shadows move according to where the candle is, and when the light creates a shadow of the gnome, or lights up the gnome, and the light bearer sees him, that gnome is out.

We took turns being the light bearer.


The kids really enjoyed this game – it took up pretty much the whole lesson! 😉


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