English Group : Rockets

We had our last lesson on astronomy last night. I decided to end with a fun experiment – vinegar and bicarbonate-of-soda rockets!

The mission was to build a great looking rocket that flies…



When the rockets were made we filled them with vinegar, corked them, made pouches of bicarbonate-of-soda, and took them outside. 

We then attempted, one at a time, to push the bicarbonate-of-soda in to the rocket, and recork it to get it to fly! Well, it’s a struggle to recork a bottle when there’s bubbling vinegar splurting everywhere! Our first rocket kind of worked, but the second two didn’t (a variety of guessable reasons such as a different type of vinegar, a rather too well fitted cork and the stress to get the cork in)!

But we had a lot of fun trying! 👍😄

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