‘Skärtorsdag’ And Easter Weekend 2016…

Just before school broke up, Alfie, Ted and I decorated the Swedish ‘Easter tree’ inside…   

 …and because we had so much ‘Påsk-ris’ (birch tree branches) left over from the scout meeting, Ted and I decorated one for outside too… 


 The Easter weekend starts in Sweden with children dressing as ‘Easter witches’ (Påsk-kärring), and going from door to door exchanging homemade Easter cards for sweets…

This year Alfie’s friend Love joined us…   

…and this year was the first year they went off alone, with their friends Lilly and Andrea…. 


Maya took Ted alone…it was the first time I had seen Easter witches on scooters….😄 


On Good Friday we had a family trip to the cinema to see ‘Zootropolis'(3D!)…. 


….but we also had homemade ‘hot cross buns’… 


….and on Easter Saturday we enjoyed the first real Spring day! We had our garden Easter egg hunt…


 …played outside, and Richard and Leon even planted some bulbs!


Of course, I couldn’t not read our favourite Easter book to Ted last night….  

…and this morning, on Easter Sunday, after Alfie left out carrots for the Easter bunny (Påsk Hare), he left the kids with a little packet each…


In which were chocolates and jelly beans, and seeds for planting 😊….  

Today we are going with the kids Swedish grandma on a long nature walk, and to eat Easter lunch in a log cabin restaurant. 😃

Happy Easter! 🐣☀️🌻


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