English Club : Our Amazing Earth & It’s Elements…

The older group in English Club (12 – 14 year olds) have now started a new topic : Our Amazing Earth – which is essentially about rocks and stones.

We started the topic by asking the question “What is Obsidian?” – a word that this age of boys often hear from the computer game ‘Minecraft’.

Obsidian is a volcanic rock, that has been cooled under water, and thus gives it a flat shiny look…

After observing this rock, I asked the kids if they knew what our earth was made up of. 

I then asked them to think about this, and make me our earth and it’s layers, from playdough….before explaining to me what these layers were….

I told them we were going to do the topic of geology, and where the word came from…

…and we then went on to discuss our earth’s treasures. What materials come from the earth, and how we use them in every day life…..

But how do we get these treasures?

By mining!

Then the kids ‘mined’ chocolate chips out of their cookies! The chocolate chips were the treasures, the cookies were the caves. For every whole chocolate chip they managed to mine out, they recieved 5000kr, but each time they damaged the cave, they were fined 2000kr…. 😉

We are using this book as our basis for explaining about the rock cycle…


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