English Club : Sedimentary Rocks

This week we learnt about what a sedimentary rock was, how it becomes one, and what it is made up of.

We took clay, sand, gravel and water, and put them in a lidded jar, shook them up, and watched them settle, to see how sediment settles in the real world…

We will observe this again next week.

We also made a mixture of flour, sand, salt, water and oil, to make a dough, as our ‘rock’, to which we added different coloured ingredients   (cocoa powder, pepper, paprika and tumeric), which we then squashed together, to show how our sedimentary rock is layered. 

We talked about how rocks get weathered (through sun, ice and wind), and eroded through being moved and broken in various ways. Then how the tiny rocks settle on the land or on the sea bottom, and eventually become new rocks – sedimentary rocks – natures way of recycling. 

We also continued adding the dissolved alum and food colouring to our egg geode experiment from last week… 😄

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