Animal Tales (With Alfie)

Alfie is hard to pin down – with his copious need for a social life, and with many ideas of his own, the time I get with him, is often limited to story time in the evenings!

It is in this time that I try to ‘grab his attention’….and recently it is about animals, because these are currently the stories he loves…

We started with the ‘Farthing Wood’ tales. These are really wonderful – about a group of woodland animals who take a dangerous journey from their wood, to a nature reserve, because humans are cutting their woods down. 

Alfie loved these books as you can really get in to the characters of the animals.

Then there were the London Zoo books. A family who live on the canal, and the kids whose parents work at the zoo, find out about, and save various animals. These books are fictional, but include educational facts about the specific animals, and have a little ‘kid humour’ to boot.

These had a great mix of humour and fact for Alfie, and he loved them.

Now we have started reading a book of African folk tales, chosen by Nelson Mandela. Most of these tales are about animals, and explaining to Alfie about Nelson Mandela, makes for a bonus, especially as we have been talking a lot about ‘Saints’ and ‘people who do good’ this year.

The language can be quite tricky in places, so I’ve had to simplify some words, but some of the pictures are beautiful. πŸ‘πŸ˜„


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