English Club : Sandstone & Chalk

Having talked last week about sedimentary rocks, and how they’re made, this week, I told the kids about two specific  kinds of sedimentary rocks – sandstone and chalk.

We looked at some real sandstone…

I explained about how these rocks form huge formations (such as Bruce Canyon) and cliffs (such as the cliffs of Dover), and showed them photographs of these.

We then went on to make, firstly sandstone (using sand, water and cornflour), and our own sculptures….

…and then we went on to make our own chalk, using cornflour, water and food colouring. The kids loved doing this, and we hope to try out our chalks next week… 

It’s nice for these older boys to have a chance to ‘play’ with these craft recipes. It seems to be very therapeutic for them… 😄

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