A Real Train Trip !

Last week Ted and I went on a train trip.

He thought this was SO exciting! 😊

First I lifted him up to the the front of a train, where all the buttons to control the train were. He asked if they were real ones, and couldn’t believe it when a lady driver got in to the front carriage, to get everything ready for the next journey. He was obviously remembering having been at the train museum the other week, and pressing all the pretend buttons to ‘drive’ the train there. 

Having been inspired by this, when it was time to get on our own train, he drew and coloured his own set of ‘train controls’, and we took turns ‘driving and stopping the train’ using these controls for the rest of the journey…. πŸ˜„

Until we reached our destination…. 

…and spent a lovely day in the sun with farmor on a little trip out…


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