‘Biologiska’ Museum

You would have thought, that after Skansen, Ted would be all tired out. But as we left one place, he saw the entrance to another place…

He asked what is was, and when I explained that it was a museum full of stuffed animals (from Scandinavia), he immediately wanted to go in.

Well, it was free for kids, and wasn’t too expensive for grown-ups, and as I had always wanted to see this place, we decided to go in – and I’m so glad we did!

Set in an incredibly beautiful and old building, with just two levels, set in a circular room, the animals were set out in a stylish and intriguing manner, in different ‘environments’.

Everywhere we looked we saw an animal, a bird or a butterfly…it was stunning…and very magical.

We will definately be going here again! 👍😄


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