English Club : Worms!

As our attempt at ‘worm pudding’ failed when we tried to last make it, I made it for the kids ahead of time…

Chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo biscuits and gummy worms! šŸ˜†

The kids enjoyed eating this while I read them the story of ‘dirt’ – it’s importance in the world, why we need it – and about some of creatures who ‘make it happen’…

We then went outside to make a worm farm…

Taking care to layer the tank with sand and earth, we sprayed the top with water and put some old leaves and fruit on the top too.

We will be observing the tunnels they make next week (and at home this week with my own children).

The kids loved this. It was great to see their enthusiasm – and even one kid who dared to pick up a worm (albeit with a spade) who had always steered clear of them before! šŸ˜†

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