Relaxing In Turkey

One week ago we left for a wonderful, relaxing holiday in Sarigerme, in the Dalaman region, in Turkey. Amazing weather (between 27 and 30 C each day), a fantastic hotel, great food, and lovely people. 

Here are some shots of our time relaxing by and in the pool, and by the beach….

There were parasailers on the beach, and the kids enjoyed running in the shadows of the parachute… 😄

There were various pools, and we all had a lot of fun…

We often took walks around the hotel complex, especially evening walks – and Alfie and Ted enjoyed being sent off to the playground after dinner every evening… 😄 well as enjoying the free ice-cream and drink on offer…. 😂

Alfie and Leon shared a room, and enjoyed their time together… 

..and there were lots of beautiful flowers…😄 well as interesting ‘wild’ nature…

And that was the ‘basics’ of our holiday. The next post will be on our adventures in Turkey… 😄

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