Adventures in Turkey

We went on a big trip on our last day in Turkey – all of us together. And it was fantastic!

First we took a boat out to some volcanic mud baths…

Yes. The ludicrousness of it all is that we covered ourselves in 800 year old volcanic mud, which supposedly would make us 10 years younger. That makes Ted now -5, and Maya just 2. πŸ˜‚ Leon was happy to stand in it up to his knees, but that’s all – “far from fresh” was his explanation! 😝Alfie wouldn’t go near the place! 😳😱

Afterwards we washed it off with cold water, before entering the thermal pools…

Remarkably, our skin did feel a lot softer afterwards!

Then we took the boat through a bird and turtle nature reserve, where Alfie was extremely happy to have got to drive the boat! πŸ˜„

On the way we saw rock tombs – incredibly impressive ‘temples’ where the dead were buried (these being wealthy people, and the bigger one being for a King) dating back to 2400Bc. Being made of limestone, these temples have survived, even surviving earthquakes!

After lunch, we drove to a beach where there was a WWF turtle sanctuary. We learnt how they rescued turtles who had been hurt by propellers or caught in fishing nets, and would then be released in to the wild…

This is termed as ‘turtle beach’, a place where the turtles come year after year, to bury their eggs – thus the protecting cages.

Of course, then we had to have a swim – in the warmest ocean ever!

And make ‘Hogwarts’ in the sand…complete with Hagrid’s hut, his pumpkin patch and the forbidden forest! πŸ˜‚

A wonderful trip indeed!

Goodbye Turkey! A lovely country with wonderful people! πŸ˜„


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