English Club : Our last element ;Water (What does it do?)

It was absolutely deluging with rain outside, so unfortunately we couldn’t experience water at the lake or the river, as I had originally intended.

So, instead, we experimented with water inside. We first talked about how much water we had on earth, how it was the most important thing on earth and why,  how it tasted, smelled and what it looked like.

We then went to talk about how it reacted, first comparing water to our sand marble runs we made last week. What would water do? It would run down. Why? Because of gravity. What did we need to combine the sand in to a stronger shape? We needed water. Water reacts with materials, changing it’s form.

Then we tried two experiments, both to do with the above facts. The first was seeing how water ran downwards, by the scrunching of paper, and using pipettes and coloured water to drop on the paper, see the rivers it makes, and open it up to see the ‘art work’. The fun part was using two different types of paper – normal printing paper, and watercolour paper, to see which held the water the longest. The watercolour paper was by far the strongest!

We then tested how water could change materials, by using cornflour, and making oobleck. Such a successful experiment with the Monday group, I wanted to try it with this group too. And they loved it! 😄

This group, being slightly younger, found it much harder to add the exact amount of water for the right consistency – thus truly experiencing how water changes form!

Some of the students were away this week on holiday and at concerts, so we had a small group. 😄

Letter F

This week we were looking at F.

We concentrated on two animals, frogs, and fish.

This included a trip to the frog pond..

..where unfortunately we didn’t get to see any frogs this time, but we did get to learn about the frog life-cycle.

With fish, we visited a pet shop, observed the fish, bought fish food, and some treasures for their tank, came home, and cleaned out our own fish…

We have been reading fictional books about frogs and fish….

‘Fish is fish’ (Leo Lionni) is the absolute favourite, which is great, because it is about both frogs and fish! 

We have also read some factual books about frogs…

…and done a painting craft, and a drawing of fish….

There is never enough time to cover everything. But F is covered anyway… 😂

Great Books : ‘Purple, Green And Yellow’ By Robert Munsch

‘Purple, green and yellow’ is just a brilliant book. I love it!

I originally bought it for Alfie, who has always spent hours drawing and loves to collect pens – and he loved it!

And now we have a second child obsessed with drawing (well, mostly colouring), and he loves it just as much.

And I think I love it more than anyone! It’s just fabulous!

About a little girl who just really loves colouring pens so much, and convinces her mum to buy her some, but eventually her obsession with colouring pens goes too far, and crazy, mad things start to happen!

Of course, any great book has to have back up activities, and Ted and I did lots!

Making our own colouring books…

…experimenting with colouring pens and water…

…making painted cookies…

…coloured collages…

…and even playing with some 3D colour – although I made the first one, and Alfie the second one….

So much fun! 😄

Saint Patricks Day

I always try to mark Saint Patricks day with something. It doesn’t exist in Sweden, but over the years my kids have known of its existence through me, so we continue to ‘celebrate’ it, in our tiny ways.

This year I have been reading stories to Alfie about various Saints, so I was specific to read to him the story of St Patrick (this time found on the internet). 

 Usually we also read the book ‘Jack and the Leprechaun’, and put out our very own leprechaun Liam, and his rainbow… 

…and I make green sugar coated shamrocks (although it’s taken me to this year to notice that this is actually a four leafed clover! 😳) … 

 Most years Liam the leprechaun leaves his ‘footprints’, getting up to tricks such as green milk, and shamrocks in our shoes, or leaving a trail of shamrocks to find some ‘gold’ (money or chocolate coins) at the end of the rainbow….

….but this year, with me being unwell, Liam was kind, and just left some chocolate coins tied up in a rainbow coloured ‘coffee filter’…. 

…which was beautiful… 😊

English Lesson : What does Fire Need?

Last week we had our second lesson on fire.

We started the lesson with an experiment. Three candles (stuck in playdough for safety) in a metal tray – what does fire need? 

We sprayed one candle with water, and the fire went out :  Fire needs heat!

We put a glass over one candle, and the fire went out : Fire needs air!

And we let the last candle burn down until the fire went out : Fire needs fuel!

We then played a game that we often play in scouts – a safety with matches game. 😉

We sit in a circle in the dark, with a candle in the middle. We all have a match. The first person lights the match on the matchbox, and then each person in the circle, in turn, lights their match from the last person’s – the last person in the circle lighting the candle in the middle.

The kids loved this (and it was evident which kids had been scouts, and were safe with fire!), and we each had a turn lighting the first match, and then lighting the candle….

We then took a long time observing the flame, and talking about the colours within the flame and its various types of heat….

…..before going on to do observational drawings (using either oil pastels or chalks) of our own candles…

Lastly, we talked about how fire (the sun) gives us light, and the ones who had finished their pictures, made ‘house lights’…..

 Next week we will talk more about fire giving us not only light, but warmth…. ☀️🔥

Valentines Fun

It started with a ‘maths’ table ; hearts with numbers on, red sand to write numbers in, beads and pipe cleaners for threading….

Ted started with lining up the numbered hearts….  

As yet, Ted doesn’t recognise his numbers very well, but just seeing and playing with numbers will give him a better grasp.

He then proceeded to try writing the numbers in the sand with a pipe cleaner which was great.. 
  And then Alfie came along…to thread beads…

 …and feel the sand…😉…  

Then we had some creating….    

 …and some cooking….    

Lots of fun! ❤️❤️❤️