The Last ‘Family Mulle’

Family ‘Mulle’ is the forest school, with families for children of 2 – 5 years old. We meet once a month (occasionally twice) in the forest at a local nature reserve, to sing songs, listen to stories and do crafts based on a specific nature theme (such as birds, animals in hibernation, etc).

‘Mulle’ is the troll-like character who is often in the stories and songs, along with ‘Laxe’ the salmon.

This month we met at the same nature reserve, but by the lake, looking at ‘lake creatures’. 

I loved the fact that the old lady (she is probably at least 60 years old) donned a green wetsuit, and appeared swimming out of the freezing lake, dressed as Laxe, to tell the children about water safety, and how it was bad for the environment to pee in the lake – much better to pee in the forest! πŸ˜„

She then strode back in to the lake (bear in mind that the water was still around 10 C at this time!), and swam off (before joining us later, as Kerstin, the leader)…

There were lots of activities to try, but the only one Ted was interested in, was using a net to try to find lake creatures….

We didn’t find any – but he was happy to fish out pond leaves, and an old newspaper!!! 

Later, when it was time to sing songs and dance, Mulle the forest troll joined us….

This is Ted’s last time at ‘family Mulle’ because next term he will be old enough to join ‘Skogs Mulle’ (forest Mulle), for 6 and 7 year olds, where they go on short nature walks with the leaders, without their parents. πŸ˜„

It’s been a wonderful activity to be a part of – we’ve really enjoyed it! 

Troll Park

We’ve been here a few times, but Ted really wanted to come again. I think he has a certain respect for the troll….

It’s always nice to know as well, that in Stockholm, you are never far from nature, and never far from water…

Stockholm is a beautiful place, it has to be said… 😊

Tyresta National Park

Yesterday Ted and I enjoyed the company of ‘scout’ Janne P, and went, first to the farm at Tyresta, and then on to the frog pond, past the bee hives, and on to the bird tower.

It was a fabulous trip, and nice to see an area undiscovered by our family….

I can’t believe, that this Spring, Ted and I have seen so many baby animals! Ducklings, chicks, goslings, kids, piglets and lambs! Fabulous!

‘Biologiska’ Museum

You would have thought, that after Skansen, Ted would be all tired out. But as we left one place, he saw the entrance to another place…

He asked what is was, and when I explained that it was a museum full of stuffed animals (from Scandinavia), he immediately wanted to go in.

Well, it was free for kids, and wasn’t too expensive for grown-ups, and as I had always wanted to see this place, we decided to go in – and I’m so glad we did!

Set in an incredibly beautiful and old building, with just two levels, set in a circular room, the animals were set out in a stylish and intriguing manner, in different ‘environments’.

Everywhere we looked we saw an animal, a bird or a butterfly…it was stunning…and very magical.

We will definately be going here again! πŸ‘πŸ˜„

Baby Animals At Skansen

On Tuesday I took Ted to Skansen. He really wanted to go, and was so excited! πŸ˜„

We wanted to see the new bear cubs, but unfortunately, due to it being an extremely hot day, the cubs were sleeping in the cool of the cave. We returned a second time to see if they had come out, but to no avail – so we’ll have to go back again soon… 

Meanwhile, we were lucky to see lots of baby Spring animals (although summer seems to have come early!). We saw piglets, and kids (the goat form!), ducklings and chicks, and even some elk and bison calves. 

We also saw very sleepy wolves at a distance, some wild boar, a seal, sleepy reindeer, and some horses. Not to forget the smaller animals such as snakes, rabbits, mice and rats. πŸ˜„

Ted loved seeing the animals, and despite the heat and the sleepiness of most of the animals, he kept his positivity, and did not get disappointed. 😊

There are lots of things to look at in Skansen, even the buildings spurred Ted’s curiosity. 

Here are some pictures of the trip (not many animal pictures, as they were too busy sleeping!)….

The first Spring babies we saw. Make way for the ducklings…. 

Next, the story cottage, where you can go in, and tell someone a story – but it was closed when we walked past it..

‘Little Skansen’ is the area for young kids, where we saw smaller animals, and a small play area.

Ted was intrigued by the snakes, and the feely box where you could ‘touch’ the difference between an adder and a grass snake…

Despite not seeing the bears (apart from some fur deep in a cave!), there was plenty to let us know they were there!

That’s Ted’s hat on the bear πŸ˜†.

There was a little kids theatre, but today wasn’t our day, and there was something wrong with the sound, so it wasn’t showing. But they did a song session instead, and Ted enjoyed this just as much, and joined in with all the songs and the actions. He loves singing. And it was thirsty work…

We enjoyed the buildings, and did a lot of walking…

Ted also thought that the ants at Skansen were really big!!! 

On the way home we took the ancient funiculur railway. Built over a hundred years ago on electric tracks, the carriage moves slowly down the steep bank. Ted was both intrigued about how this worked, and frightened about it going too fast. He trusted me enough to go on it though! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

A lovely day, with a lovely positive person. πŸ˜„

Valborg 2016

Every year, on the last day of April, the Swedes come together to celebrate ‘Valborg’- essentially ‘Walpurgis’ – and the ‘burning away of the Winter, the welcoming of the Spring’.

As is our annual tradition, we went to our scout one, where this year, Alfie and I worked on the fishing pool (fiskdam), and Maya on the chocolate wheel.

Thus, the photos I have, are courtesy of my husband…. 😊

Easter Sunday Walk…

…the whole family with farmor, in the national park at Nacka, HellasgΓ₯rden….

Starting with lunch at the log cabin restaurant (I love this place!)…  

We then went for a lovely walk..

Richard taking photos too….πŸ˜†

Lots of tree climbing (and tree hiding)…   

 …tramping through the mud (Ted lost his boot!)…  

…and general running and jumping! πŸ˜„   

 Spring is certainly on it’s way. We spied a few Spring flowers…but it was very windy, and there is still lots of ice on the lake!   

Still, it was lovely to be out! πŸ˜€