Recipe Day

Thursdays are supposed to be ‘recipe day’ over this summer holiday –  and this last Thursday was a perfect day for ‘recipe day’ because it poured with rain all day!

Well, Maya got to work busily making cookies – lots of them….!

And Ted had seen some ‘frog cupcakes’ in a magazine he wanted to make…

Alfie loves, and really wanted to make jelly. So we (he needed help here, and it took a while!) made rainbow jelly…

Delicious! 😄

Leon was going to make dinner, but Leon, being Leon, has recently been engaged with an outstanding lego creation…this is how it started…

…but now, after many hours work, it has progressed. I’ll have to put up a picture when it is finished! 😄

Great Books : ‘Purple, Green And Yellow’ By Robert Munsch

‘Purple, green and yellow’ is just a brilliant book. I love it!

I originally bought it for Alfie, who has always spent hours drawing and loves to collect pens – and he loved it!

And now we have a second child obsessed with drawing (well, mostly colouring), and he loves it just as much.

And I think I love it more than anyone! It’s just fabulous!

About a little girl who just really loves colouring pens so much, and convinces her mum to buy her some, but eventually her obsession with colouring pens goes too far, and crazy, mad things start to happen!

Of course, any great book has to have back up activities, and Ted and I did lots!

Making our own colouring books…

…experimenting with colouring pens and water…

…making painted cookies…

…coloured collages…

…and even playing with some 3D colour – although I made the first one, and Alfie the second one….

So much fun! 😄

English Club : The ‘Marble Effect’ (Metamorphic Rock)

On Monday we read about our last rock type, metamorphic rock. I explained about why it was called ‘metamorphic’, what happened, and what it looked like, and then showed them a couple of examples, including of marble.

One of the kids had earlier asked to bake, so I thought, what better way to show the ‘marble effect’ than by baking marble cake! 😄

So, each kid had to read and follow the instructions in the recipe….

…and while the cake was in the oven, we went through the entire ‘rock cycle’ and I asked the kids to draw their own version….

And of course we ate the cake! Which was delicious! 😊

Dandelion Sorbet

It seems to have become an annual tradition to make dandelion sorbet – and this time it was Alfie who suggested it…

So Alfie and I set about picking the dandelion heads…

Alfie insisted that we left some ‘favourite’ dandelions for the bees. And one we just had to leave because it was so beautiful….

The one on the left. We looked closely at it’s beautiful petals, the way it was so perfectly formed and it’s stunning colour. It made me smile to know that Alfie can appreciate such things, if you catch him at the right time! 😆

We then set about the giant task of cutting off the petals…..

Once we had boiled 3 cups of water, with 1/2 cup of sugar, and 1/2 cup of honey, we added the petals, and left the mixture to simmer for an hour.

Then we sieved out the petals, added 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, poured it in to a container, and put it in the freezer…but not before Alfie tasted it, to make sure it was ‘just right’…. 😉

English Club : What Can We Make From Our Soil?

The answer is, shepherds pie! 😄

I had planned to do other activities with our soil in the garden, but it was pouring with rain, so I had to change my plans.

I decided to get the group to make a traditional english dish ‘shepherds pie’ for dinner…

And what has this to do with ‘earth’ ?

Everything in this recipe is either grown in the earth, or is food which is grown in the earth, used to feed the animal in the recipe (cow). 😃

Earth (soil) is very important to us!

Half term…

We’ve had a week off school, the weather’s been terrible, some kids have been unwell, and we havn’t done much at all….a trip to the cinema, a trip to the free local theatre, a library visit, and friends to play with, is all we have managed.

But it doesn’t matter. Because, despite what we grown-ups think – that we should be rushing around doing educational trips, and entertaining the kids…all the kids want, is to be at home, take it easy, do their own thing, and occasionally play with friends. I know, because that’s what they told me.. 😊

And what happens, is that siblings spend time together, and have fun, and laugh, and play, create…

Alfie spends hours drawing… does Ted….

There has been open-ended creating from Ted….  

…from Alfie…   

..and from both of them together….  

(This is a playroom for our cat, in case you’re unsure….😉)

There has been bread making from all of them…     

  ..and lots of cooking from Leon and Maya…homemade pizza, meringues, smoothies, vegetable soup….but let’s not forget, fishfingers and custard, inspired by Dr Who….😂  

….and honestly, probably too much screen time too….because when you save your money for a Super Mario game, and you get to play it with your older siblings, it really is “the best day ever!!!” (Alfie). Plus he’s been ill all week. Sometimes you just have to bend the rules….. 🙂

Valentines Fun

It started with a ‘maths’ table ; hearts with numbers on, red sand to write numbers in, beads and pipe cleaners for threading….

Ted started with lining up the numbered hearts….  

As yet, Ted doesn’t recognise his numbers very well, but just seeing and playing with numbers will give him a better grasp.

He then proceeded to try writing the numbers in the sand with a pipe cleaner which was great.. 
  And then Alfie came along…to thread beads…

 …and feel the sand…😉…  

Then we had some creating….    

 …and some cooking….    

Lots of fun! ❤️❤️❤️

Meringue Snowmen!

Yesterday evening Maya and I made some, using two egg whites whisked until firm enough to tip the bowl over your head (where they won’t fall out!), and then whisking in 250g of white sugar, until firm peaks formed.

Then she used a tablespoon for a plop of ‘body’ meringue, and a teaspoon for the head – and decorative balls for eyes, nose and buttons.

 A long one and a half hours in the oven at 140 C , and then leaving them a couple of hours to cool, ensured crispy and delicious snowmen! 😊⛄️