A Summer Party

Six months on , we celebrate Alfie’s 8th birthday. 😄

He didn’t want a party in December. At least he couldn’t decide what kind of party to have. Or how many people to invite. And he didn’t want games – at least not competitive ones…

So we settled for an open-ended summer party, with free play, lots of friends, and lots of fun! 😄

He had four requests…

a) To have ‘geometry dash’ plates and cups…

…which we made by printing out lots of ‘geometry dash’ faces and sticking them on plain plates and cups (cups not shown).

b) To have ‘FNAF’ cupcakes, which Maya and I made….

…and for your information, he is not allowed to play ‘FNAF’ yet, but he is very intrigued by it, as some of his friends play it, so this does not stop him from looking up the pictures of the characters on the internet, and drawing them… 😳

c) A craft table with minecraft / supermario / geometry dash / FNAF pictures (printed from the computer) which you could cut and stick with…

Sadly this table was not appreciated by his friends….but it was a lovely idea, and everyone had a wonderful time running around playing instead.

d) To have a ‘shop’. We had a token system….

Every child was given an envelope with their name on. In each envelope were 10 tokens (which I found in a local shop)….

With these 10 tokens, the kids could buy 1 each (sometimes more, depending on the item), from the ‘summer kiosk’ menu…

Translation is…

Ice-cream bar, candyfloss, tube of bubbles, FNAF cupcake, big punchball balloon, paper craft, origami boat with snacks (crisps and goldfish crackers), slice of watermelon, mini water pistol and a bottle of soda (NO Coca-cola!).

And yes, we borrowed a candyfloss machine (from the scout hut – there are benefits from being a scout leader!) 😆

After the kids had eaten pizza or a hotdog, they were given their envelope of tokens, and allowed to ‘buy’ from the kiosk. 😄

And we had decorated the veranda in ‘summer style’ with coloured flags and an ice-cream banner…

There was free play in the garden – water balloon pinatas hanging from the tree, and an obstacle course, as well as the usual swings, climbing ropes and spider net, and trampoline. At the end we put on the water sprinkler (we had told the kids in advance to bring a change of clothes or swimming gear), and Richard did a treasure hunt for the party bags.

The kids really enjoyed the kiosk, putting the water pistols and the balloons (not so much the bubbles!) to good use. 

And at the end, it was the present opening….  

It was a fantastic, wonderful party – really enjoyed by everyone – so much, in fact, that many of the kids want to do the same for their birthdays! 😄😄😄

A Beautiful Picture

On going to renew Ted’s passport, we stumbled across a newly opened toy shop in town – imagine our surprise when stepping in, to look around, we were handed a bag of goodies and a helium balloon!

Something which Alfie enjoyed, and which encouraged this lovely picture….❤️

Robin Hood

After reading ‘Robin Hood’ with Alfie (which he loved), I booked tickets to see the play, by a local theatre company – he, Maya and I went – and it was fantastic! 

Seeing this with Alfie reminded me, that even if you have to ‘catch’ Alfie at the right time, he really enjoys things that are not offered at school, or among his friends… 😄