Letter F

This week we were looking at F.

We concentrated on two animals, frogs, and fish.

This included a trip to the frog pond..

..where unfortunately we didn’t get to see any frogs this time, but we did get to learn about the frog life-cycle.

With fish, we visited a pet shop, observed the fish, bought fish food, and some treasures for their tank, came home, and cleaned out our own fish…

We have been reading fictional books about frogs and fish….

‘Fish is fish’ (Leo Lionni) is the absolute favourite, which is great, because it is about both frogs and fish! 

We have also read some factual books about frogs…

…and done a painting craft, and a drawing of fish….

There is never enough time to cover everything. But F is covered anyway… πŸ˜‚

Letter J

A VERY long time ago, Ted and did letter J, but I never posted about it.

So here goes….

We decorated our J with jewels…

We read ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’…

…and of course ate jam on bread…

We learnt about the making of Jellybeans..

and, as we have decided to ‘research’ an animal for each letter, we learnt about Jellyfish…

Watched an easy clip about jellyfish, and drew one…

..made one…


…and visited some jellyfish at the aquarium…. 

Letter J !

O is for Octopus

Ted enjoyed focusing on cats so much when we did letter C – so we’ve decided to focus on (mostly) simply an animal beginning with that letter, in our alphabet. 😊

This week we did letter O, so apart from ‘orange’ (both the colour and the fruit)…

…we focused on the ‘octopus’.

We read some books with octopuses in (as well as other ‘O’words)….  

Ted liked the last book the best, ‘Zebbe Dyker’ (Zebbe Dives), but I was less keen. It depicts the octopus as a scary, dangerous animal, instead of the intelligent, amazing animal it is. However, stories with octopuses in were hard to come by…

To counteract this however, I showed Ted some short educational clips about octopuses on ‘Youtube’, which he loved, and then inspired him to draw a picture from….

I love it. ❀️

We learnt that octopuses have eight legs, can squeeze through tiny holes as big as their head, are incredibly intelligent, that pacific octopuses grow to an enormous size, and that they eat scallops and other shellfish, and change their skin colour and texture to communicate. 

We then made some octopuses from salt dough…..


Ted’s octopus only had six legs. We’re still working on counting! 😘

C is for Cat

Ted and I made a ‘colourful’ C with ‘crayons’, and then Ted decorated s small wooden cat stencil I found.

We ate ‘carrots’….  

….and Ted made a picture for our ‘cat’ Blackie…. πŸ˜‚  

We ate ‘cat’ sandwiches….  

…and played at being a vet (including cats of course!)….


   …and of course reading lots of books about cats!  

‘Millions Of Cats’ is his absolute favourite! πŸ˜„πŸ±

Valentines Fun

It started with a ‘maths’ table ; hearts with numbers on, red sand to write numbers in, beads and pipe cleaners for threading….

Ted started with lining up the numbered hearts….  

As yet, Ted doesn’t recognise his numbers very well, but just seeing and playing with numbers will give him a better grasp.

He then proceeded to try writing the numbers in the sand with a pipe cleaner which was great.. 
  And then Alfie came along…to thread beads…

 …and feel the sand…πŸ˜‰…  

Then we had some creating….    

 …and some cooking….    

Lots of fun! ❀️❀️❀️

Letter S

I’m trying to teach Ted his letters, in a playful manner, before he starts school after the summer. It’s not that I don’t really think he’ll learn them eventually – it’s just that I think he needs just a little ‘nudge’ in the right direction – and I know that, despite it being ‘fΓΆrskoleklass’ (aka Reception, or Kindergatan), they definately do letters….

Ted certainly has shown interest in the last six months with letters. He knows that letters mean ‘reading’ and that you go from left to right in english, and he can recognise and form a handful of letters (mostly always) correctly. He can also recognise his own name, and knows what letters his families names begin with.

So we started with S. Because S is easy to recognise – being like a wiggly snake – and of course, snow begins with S – and we had lots of that around!

So I cut out an S shape, and he covered it with STICKERS of SNOWMEN, SNOWFLAKES and STARS…  

We made SNOWFLAKES from paper (admittedly mostly me! πŸ˜‚)…..  

…and marshmallow crispy SNOWMEN (which I unfortunately forgot to photo).

We have obviously played a lot in the SNOW, and have been reading books about it….  Charlie and Lola is his favourite. 😊

We have of course already been SLEDGING…  …and SKATING and SLIDING on the ice….  …and reading books about things like that too… We also made SNAKES from plastercine….  ….ate SAUSAGES and SPAGHETTI, and continued STAR WARS lego play with Alfie…..   

 And now they have gone to get SATURDAY SWEETIES…. πŸ˜„

I think I might be succeeding, because yesterday Ted wrote an S for the first time and proudly showed me! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Writing In The Sand

Another piece of beautiful sensory play – this time with the intention of inviting writing…..

First we had a perfect T for Ted, and A for Alfie….

..followed by a slightly trickier S for Sasha….

M for Maya was almost too fun to stop….πŸ˜‰

…and L for Leon confused itself with number 7….

But what fun he had!
And the best tool? The comb….

IMG_6785 πŸ˜„βœοΈ

Board Games Based On The Word ‘Ice’ !

Yesterday at ‘English Club’ I gave the kids the task of inventing a board game, based on the word….

The game could be about anything – as long as it involved ‘ice’. These were the criteria and questions they needed to think about….


What an amazing group of kids!
These are the things they came up with….





Most chose to work alone, only two worked together. Ideas were very different – though most involved some kinds of animals. And everyone worked hard!

Next week they will be writing out and explaining the rules in english, before getting the chance to try out eachothers’ games. πŸ˜‰

Monster Math (And Other Creatures!)

Two popular books around here…



…easy for Alfie, but he’s highly amused by the different monsters and the cute spiders….
So while we’re at home recovering from chickenpox, inspired by ‘Nurture Store’, we tried a little magic ghost maths…


Write the sum, get them to answer, and write the ‘secret’ answer in white crayon on the ghost. Get them to paint over in black watercolour to see if they counted correctly.
Fantastic fun and very simple! πŸ˜‰