At The Riding School

I went with Maya and Ted to the riding school.

Despite the fact that, after five years, Maya soon wants to take a break from the riding, I love to watch her ride. She is so elegant on a horse. 😊

And Ted enjoys watching too!

I have to make the most of going while it lasts! πŸ˜‚

English Club : Hot Air Balloons…

We started the class with some parachute games outside…   

 I realise these children are 11+, but they still really like to play, and some of them get tired and restless sitting at our kitchen table for an hour and a half in the evening, after a long day at school. So I’m going to start the lesson with a game – as often as I can anyway…😊

After this we started to make our papier-mache hot air balloons…


We are moving on from the topic of ‘air’, to the topic of ‘fire’….. 😊


A Wet Froggy Sunday!

Yesterday it POURED with rain all day!
So we had a wet froggy Sunday – with froggy (mostly) fingerprint pictures….




…with the (non-competitive) lily-pad hopping game (hop from one to the other, and freeze when the music stops)….

..a froggy sensory tray…

…using black water beads to represent the tadpoles (or eggs)…

…and of course, the number rhyme ‘5 little speckled frogs’…