English Club : Worm Farm Sketches & Sand Runs!

We had a mixed activity english class on Thursday. I wanted to kids to observe, sketch and write a little in English about the worm farm, using certain words…

We had observed that the worms had been busy making tunnels, and moving the earth in to the sand, and vice versa.

As we are presently looking at the element of ‘earth’, and have been looking at what the earth is made up of  (having looked and explored clay, and now soil) we now moved on to sand…..

We went down to the lake, and started to attempt to make marble runs from sand…

Alfie even joined us for a bit!

The kids worked hard, but this was a really tricky task! And sadly we didn’t manage to quite get those marbles rolling down our runs! 

This enabled us to talk a little about the earth’s pull, of gravity.

Of course, being by the lake, on a warm day, we couldn’t help but paddle!

Which brings us nicely in to our last element, of water! 😄

Shapes In The Sand

Quite simply that…


..filling up the rectangle…

…the bigger square…


…the tiny squares…

…the circle…

…and the cylinder..

Simply saying the shape names and describing the shapes is enough. Which shape made the best ‘sand castle’ ? Which was the most difficult? Was the sand too wet or too dry?
Simple, fun, and much appreciated! 😊

Writing In The Sand

Another piece of beautiful sensory play – this time with the intention of inviting writing…..

First we had a perfect T for Ted, and A for Alfie….

..followed by a slightly trickier S for Sasha….

M for Maya was almost too fun to stop….😉

…and L for Leon confused itself with number 7….

But what fun he had!
And the best tool? The comb….

IMG_6785 😄✏️