Kids Chores

My husband is very organised, and with that very good at making things creatively using the computer.

So he came up with a chore chart for the kids, in order to get their pocket money…

Leon and Maya must complete fourteen chores in a week, and when completed, put the card in the box. Alfie must complete seven. And their pocket money amount will be given to them according to how many chores they completed…

Ted will also do chores, but as he does not yet receive pocket money, it will be more ‘practice for fun’ for him.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I wonder how it will go? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

On Making A Filmย 

It’s the first week of the summer holidays, after we are home from Croatia. Overall the kids have been busy, and have been able to find things to do. 

But yesterday we had a dip. With all four children at home, from age 4 to age 13, and with no car, and the weather patchy with rain…we had a day of “what shall we do?” ๐Ÿ˜‰

I suggested to Leon and Maya that they go off and find something to do together – go for a bike ride, go fishing, go to buy flowers for their gardens, go to the play park, etc, etc. But it wasn’t until I suggested making a film, did their eyes light up! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

And evidently, they wanted Alfie in the film too!

So here they are, making their film….


…and of course, the film was based on Alfie’s favourite character – Mario!

I won’t say there were not moments of bickering…but overall they worked beautifully, and I felt very proud that these three children of different ages could do this together – and I just loved the end result! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

The Photography Course

Leon has had an interest in photography – particularly nature photography – for a while now. I decided to take him on a 4 hour nature photography ‘course’ in our local national park, Tyresta.

The course was actually for adults, but it was basic, and Leon really enjoyed it, and said he learned a lot.

So here are some photos that I took – as memories for this blog – but hopefully I could put some of Leon’s up in a later post…






































As you can see, I had fun too – but if I’m honest, I like the photos of Leon taking photos best! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sunday Art At Farmor’s

Our ‘farmor'( swedish grandmother), was away this Christmas time, so yesterday we had a chance to catch up…

Often we bring our own lego to keep us amused…


More than often we enjoy spinning around in the ‘television armchair’ or playing with the giant red exercise ball…


Or just ‘investigating’ Farmor’s many interesting bits and bobs…



But yesterday a little man discovered the art of photography…


And put together his own view of Farmor’s house…









Thank you Alfie for inviting us in to your world of art…



A Magic Party!

As our little girl turned 8, she wanted to celebrate with a MAGIC party!

Invitations were homemade by herself – she cut out a photo of herself and used a scanner to incorporate it in to a magicians’ outfit…

(This is the original picture which we put up in the kitchen!)

Decorations were simple – black and white balloons, and a magicians’ hat and wand drawn by Alfie and Maya, surrounded by some playing cards…

The cake was a couple of dice – using mini Oreos to make up the number eight on each dice…

The table was decorated with a white cloth, black plates and cups, and some sparkly straws…

After eating pizza and sausages in bread, there was a buffet of red, black and white treats with the cake…

…Oreos, dark chocolate brownies and licorice boats for black…

…Mini meringues for white…

….Watermelon and strawberry pieces for red…

‘Valentino’ the magician (and rather a clown too..) kept the children amused with a magic show…

And after a game of musical mats (magic carpets), the children went home with their magic goodie bags…

A magic wand, mini playing cards, a dice, a printed out book of magic tricks (not pictured) and some black, white and red sweets…

Happy 8th birthday to our little Maya…!


Letter R !

Letter R…

…is of course for RED…


(the kids have always loved these silly non-sensical rhyming books)


Even rainbows in our bubble station were observed…

R is also for many wonderful stories.


Both of which we enjoyed reading on the fabulous interactive Grimm’s apps.

R is also for RABBIT.

We were so lucky to visit our friend’s rabbits…

This one is called Stanley.

Alfie and his friend Juni helped to clean out and feed them.

Here they are in the cage…!

The book ‘Peter Rabbit‘ was much enjoyed…

… as was the making of these wonderful rabbit biscuits…

And last but not least, we also enjoyed a little ROCKING…

(Can you tell he’s just woken up?!)

Enjoy R !

Roller-Coaster Riding!

One thing that took over our lives a couple of weeks ago.

ย Roller-coasters!

It seemed to be that Leon and his friend James still had a lot in common.

ย The speed and ferocity of roller-coasters…

Not necessarily riding them…

…Mostly just observing…


And this deeply shared passion inspired the making of many roller-coasters.

Did I say making?

No, not just making – FILMING!

And when not building or filming, they were designing…

ย Gosh, even the three year old joined in….

Actually, even the BABY had a go….

Happy roller- coaster riding!

Have You Discovered Any Treasure Yet?

Or more correctly – have you discovered ‘Geocaching’ yet?

If not, then this is an exciting way to treasure hunt with your kids – without hiding the treasure!

We discovered this a while back, and we’re still having fun marking off our treasure spots…

Now they say there’s some treasure hidden here somewhere…


Right side as you stand opposite the church.

Could it be under here perhaps?

Got it!

Now let’s see what’s inside….

A car, a flower, a coin, a pen, a key ring…

Now, what can we add…?

The treasure may not be gold – but it’s super fun to find out how many people have been there before you!

Give it a try!

City Bingo

“Are we in ‘stan’ now mummy?” Maya uttered as we drove in to Stockholm.

The Swedes refer to the nearest biggest city as ‘stan’ – the immediate translation being ‘town’.

Despite being born in London, UK, neither Leon nor Maya have the understanding of living in a really big town, or city, having moved to a tiny suburban area in California when Leon was just 3, and Maya only 6 months. And three years ago we moved to an even smaller suburban area, barely a village, three and a half years ago here in Sweden.

We only live 20 minutes drive from Stockholm, but we rarely go in to town with the kids – and if we do, it’s usually straight to a museum or park, and home again.

So here we have it – the concept of ‘town’. A rushing, buzzing concrete area full of shops, people, cars, lights and noise. And something very new to the kids.

So we started with ‘city bingo’…

Armed with a bingo sheet and a pen each the kids set off to find the above items – a shoe shop, a phone shop, a cafe, a clothes shop, a church, a jewelers, a restaurant, a toy shop, and an underground station.

Each item found was marked along the way…

Leon and Maya just loved this game, but Alfie, as you can imagine, was a little confused. So many people and places – like this wig shop for example, which he just could not fathom – a shop to buy hair in?!

And I just love this photo of him watching a busker – all the people rushing about, and Alfie just standing still, transfixed, in the midst of it all. Why is that man sitting on the street singing and playing a guitar?

And Leon rather liked this golden owl on the top of a chemist – it reminded him of Harry Potter and the little alley where all the shops are…

And as we passed Sergels Torg (the main city square), Leon had a vague memory of being here before – of going to the fantastic Kulturhuset! And so, it was decided that we should all have a ‘fika’ (cakes and coffee/juice) at Kulturhuset, and Leon excitedly told Alfie about all the things we would find there…

And so after we had our ‘fika’, we spent the rest of the afternoon in the children’s area, Leon reading to Alfie in the library, and Maya trying out felting in the art room…

A Recycled Puzzle

In these days of being an ‘at home dad’, my husband is proving to be something short of a pedagogic genius!

We had this puzzle. I bought it many years ago when Leon was small, but it has never been a popular one…

So Richard gave it a little spice by adding some personal photos…

Such a great idea! I have seen this idea before, but he thought of it himself, and this is what makes him, in my eyes, a genius!