Alfie’s Café : Using Gifts From Nature

This little man is very much in to role play right now.

Shops, cafés, homes.

Having spent a lovely morning at the park where he had made a bed from leaves and branches, we came home to continue the game…

…In the form of a café…!

Having dragged this broken pine tree branch home, it became a great source of food…

An old fruit box became a great table, a piece of bark a great plate…

…and you see the line of rocks on the bottom right hand side?

That’s the café wall!

We needed a menu.

Alfie told me what I should write…

We both agreed that 1000Kr for a bowl of soup was very expensive.

I bought it anyway…

…apparently had I had the rhubarb soup it would have cost twice as much!

Next the chef set to work.

Tasting is always recommended.

Having the café next to the herb garden helped.

Mint, chives, rosemary…

Then it’s time to get down to the real soup making…

Of course cooking is hard work.

Must make time to relax too…


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