Letter F

This week we were looking at F.

We concentrated on two animals, frogs, and fish.

This included a trip to the frog pond..

..where unfortunately we didn’t get to see any frogs this time, but we did get to learn about the frog life-cycle.

With fish, we visited a pet shop, observed the fish, bought fish food, and some treasures for their tank, came home, and cleaned out our own fish…

We have been reading fictional books about frogs and fish….

‘Fish is fish’ (Leo Lionni) is the absolute favourite, which is great, because it is about both frogs and fish! 

We have also read some factual books about frogs…

…and done a painting craft, and a drawing of fish….

There is never enough time to cover everything. But F is covered anyway… 😂

English Club : Worm Farm Sketches & Sand Runs!

We had a mixed activity english class on Thursday. I wanted to kids to observe, sketch and write a little in English about the worm farm, using certain words…

We had observed that the worms had been busy making tunnels, and moving the earth in to the sand, and vice versa.

As we are presently looking at the element of ‘earth’, and have been looking at what the earth is made up of  (having looked and explored clay, and now soil) we now moved on to sand…..

We went down to the lake, and started to attempt to make marble runs from sand…

Alfie even joined us for a bit!

The kids worked hard, but this was a really tricky task! And sadly we didn’t manage to quite get those marbles rolling down our runs! 

This enabled us to talk a little about the earth’s pull, of gravity.

Of course, being by the lake, on a warm day, we couldn’t help but paddle!

Which brings us nicely in to our last element, of water! 😄

Tyresta National Park

Yesterday Ted and I enjoyed the company of ‘scout’ Janne P, and went, first to the farm at Tyresta, and then on to the frog pond, past the bee hives, and on to the bird tower.

It was a fabulous trip, and nice to see an area undiscovered by our family….

I can’t believe, that this Spring, Ted and I have seen so many baby animals! Ducklings, chicks, goslings, kids, piglets and lambs! Fabulous!

Great Books : ‘Purple, Green And Yellow’ By Robert Munsch

‘Purple, green and yellow’ is just a brilliant book. I love it!

I originally bought it for Alfie, who has always spent hours drawing and loves to collect pens – and he loved it!

And now we have a second child obsessed with drawing (well, mostly colouring), and he loves it just as much.

And I think I love it more than anyone! It’s just fabulous!

About a little girl who just really loves colouring pens so much, and convinces her mum to buy her some, but eventually her obsession with colouring pens goes too far, and crazy, mad things start to happen!

Of course, any great book has to have back up activities, and Ted and I did lots!

Making our own colouring books…

…experimenting with colouring pens and water…

…making painted cookies…

…coloured collages…

…and even playing with some 3D colour – although I made the first one, and Alfie the second one….

So much fun! 😄

Letter J

A VERY long time ago, Ted and did letter J, but I never posted about it.

So here goes….

We decorated our J with jewels…

We read ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’…

…and of course ate jam on bread…

We learnt about the making of Jellybeans..

and, as we have decided to ‘research’ an animal for each letter, we learnt about Jellyfish…

Watched an easy clip about jellyfish, and drew one…

..made one…


…and visited some jellyfish at the aquarium…. 

Letter J !

English Club : The ‘Marble Effect’ (Metamorphic Rock)

On Monday we read about our last rock type, metamorphic rock. I explained about why it was called ‘metamorphic’, what happened, and what it looked like, and then showed them a couple of examples, including of marble.

One of the kids had earlier asked to bake, so I thought, what better way to show the ‘marble effect’ than by baking marble cake! 😄

So, each kid had to read and follow the instructions in the recipe….

…and while the cake was in the oven, we went through the entire ‘rock cycle’ and I asked the kids to draw their own version….

And of course we ate the cake! Which was delicious! 😊

Robin Hood

After reading ‘Robin Hood’ with Alfie (which he loved), I booked tickets to see the play, by a local theatre company – he, Maya and I went – and it was fantastic! 

Seeing this with Alfie reminded me, that even if you have to ‘catch’ Alfie at the right time, he really enjoys things that are not offered at school, or among his friends… 😄