Have A Juice Party!

There’s really nothing better than mixing for young kids – and there’s really nothing better than water.

So get lots of see through pots, a jug of water, and some food colouring.

And enjoy your own ‘juice party’.

We used see through plastic ‘snapps‘ glasses (you can buy these really cheaply from the supermarket)…

I also put some pipettes there – but I’m not sure they got too much use…

Much more fun to pour!

What flavour would you like?

Strawberry, banana, apple or blueberry?

 Or perhaps something in between – like orange?

Gosh you drank that quickly!

Okay, let’s start all over again….

Great for role play, fine motor skills, colour mixing – and making a mess!

Have You Discovered Any Treasure Yet?

Or more correctly – have you discovered ‘Geocaching’ yet?

If not, then this is an exciting way to treasure hunt with your kids – without hiding the treasure!

We discovered this a while back, and we’re still having fun marking off our treasure spots…

Now they say there’s some treasure hidden here somewhere…


Right side as you stand opposite the church.

Could it be under here perhaps?

Got it!

Now let’s see what’s inside….

A car, a flower, a coin, a pen, a key ring…

Now, what can we add…?

The treasure may not be gold – but it’s super fun to find out how many people have been there before you!

Give it a try!

Snail Friends

I just love how simple things are the best learning experiences with small children.

You can take them to a museum, a farm, a zoo, an aquarium, but at the end of the day, a walk in the rain can be just as exciting!

And so we decided to go on a snail hunt.

Across the lawn to see if our seedlings have grown…

Balance along the side of the slippery path way…

Splash in the puddles… 

Watch the circle shapes the rain drops make…

Oh look! More puddles!

And look now! A snail!

And another!

We found five!

And brought them home to observe…

We watched them make slimy silver snail trails…

And we watched them trying to escape…

We kept them to show the big kids when they came home from school.

Despite protestation, we took the snails home – 

but made our own snail-y friends from plasticine…

Some with real shells…

All coming together for a snail party! 🙂

Let Me Tell You About Swedish ‘Forest School’

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Maya’s Saturday morning ‘forest school’. Imagine, two hours of walking, in the middle of the forest, early on a sunny Saturday morning. Truly relaxing.

In Sweden a vast majority of children are brought up with ‘Skogsmulle’ – a friendly troll who teaches children about plants and animals, and how to take care of the natural environment. You can read a little about it here.

We start with a stroll right in to the forest…

Along the way the leaders (voluntary may I add!) talk to the children about things they see on the way…

Which this week included a huge ants nest…

(you can’t see these guys, but there are hundreds of them – including winged ants)

And a baby adder…

(a lesson in wearing boots!)

After a while it’s time to meet beneath two poignant trees, stand in a circle and sing the ‘Skogsmulle’ song.

The leader tells the kids what they’re going to learn about today.

Last week they learnt how to make nettle soup, next week it’s pond dipping.

This week it’s ‘Allemansrätten’ – a direct translation is ‘all mans right’. ‘ Allemansrätten’ is exactly what it sounds like – the right to enjoy public and private land everywhere, whether going for a walk, picking berries, swimming or camping – as long as you respect the land and don’t destroy anything. It is almost unique to Sweden, and you can read about it here.

After questioning the children about ‘Allemansrätten’ and telling them all about it, it was time for a game.

The game involved hiding in the nature. 

You see these trees?

There’s a child behind each one.

Can you see them?

This brings us to other things that can be well hidden in the nature.


And so the children were told to collect rubbish during their walk…

On continuing our walk through the forest we came to a sunny resting spot on top of a hill.

Time for a picnic…

And time to play…

Underneath some amazing trees…

Then the children were taken off to a secret place where they met ‘Skräp-Maja’ – a red haired lady, dressed in colourful clothes, who just throws and throws and throws her rubbish everywhere.

It didn’t take the children long to scoop up that rubbish and tell that lady off!

You can see her in full force here.

And then it was time to take the long walk home – until next time.

A wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning indeed. 🙂

Geology Rocks!

Leon has always had a passion for rocks. Since he was four years old he started collecting – and in his collection now has rocks from California, Hawaii, England, France, Thailand, Egypt, Norway and Sweden – as well as the numerous stones bought in museums – plus fossils – yes, even fossils. As previously mentioned, we have our very own ‘Ross from friends’!

And so it would really make sense to send him off on…

A Rock Hunt!

For aged 10 and up (well, he’s almost 10!), the team met near Nynäshamn

Yes. Those are special ‘don’t get bits of rock in your eyes’ glasses.

And that’s his hammer. To break the rocks.

And here’s the team, climbing the rocks…

(Leon is the one in black in the top right)

And here he is, looking professional…

And many rocks and minerals of different types were found…

He had a truly fantastic day!

Marbling With Oobleck

Oobleck is truly an amazing substance – for kids of all ages.

Have you ever tried it?

You should.

Leon spent a long time trying to get the perfect substance.

Is it a liquid? Is it a solid?

Well, actually…

It’s both.

Add 1 and 1/2 cups of corn flour (potatis mjöl) to 1 cup water and you might get the right mixture.

Too much water – too liquidy.

Too much corn flour – too hard.

And don’t forget the food colouring.

Then you can try dropping one colour on top of another…

See. Marbling.

Just amazing!

And don’t forget to put it outside in the sun to see what happens.

Or even in the freezer.

Hours of fun.


Felting A Rainbow Mat Fresh From The Lamb!

We had a bit of a woolly day yesterday. We visited Överjärva Gård because it was…

… ‘lambs day’!

And Maya just LOVED them!

Amused by the shrill “b-a-a-a-a-a” of the lambs calling their mothers…

The ferocious PULLing of the feeding lambs…

And slightly scared by the sudden loud (and very deep) bleating of the mothers!

It was fun to be surrounded by so many of them..

And not long before Maya had collected whole pockets full of wool which had been caught on the trees from the coats of the sheep…

Next it was time to clean the wool..

And wash it with warm soapy water…

Roll it…

Make a design (using some added pre-dyed wool), warm water again, cover with cling film, and roll agian…

And enjoy the final product!

A rainbow mat to sit on at picnic time 🙂

And of course we HAD to read this book when we came home!