Busy End Of Term Days

The last two weeks have been crazily busy. School finishes soon, weekly activities too, and that means concerts and performances galore…
We started with Leon’s piano concert which was lovely. He played very well and I was very proud of him – but I realise we need to get our act together and buy a decent piano of some sort – he can’t use his undersized keyboard any longer….

We then had scout camp (which I previously posted about), followed by an ‘I-form’ dance perfomance by Maya’s school in the local shopping centre, her class evening picnic in the park, and the end of year school open house to show off their work (this year the theme was ‘Earth, Air and Water’)….and here is Maya’s gorgeous dragonfly she made….

Alfie has had two visits to his new school which he starts in August. At 5 1/2 he’ll be the youngest in the year, and we’ll be very sad to leave his parent co-op preschool…..

….but he is SO ready for school, and when I walked around the forest playground I realised how much he was going to love the space!
We’ve had a gymnastics ‘show’ from Alfie and Maya’s club. Alfie’s group had a rain theme, and their little forward rolls and attempted cartwheels were sweet to watch. Maya’s was a ‘rock chick’ theme, and she suited the look very well…

….while impressing us with her somersaults and dance moves. They both love gymnastics and will both be continuing next year!
The same weekend we had our lovely friends from London arrive, and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying their company, with swims in the lake….

….and trips to the park (which just happens to be Leon’s school ‘yard’)…


There’s been a couple of sneaky days off school to enjoy our friends…



….fun despite the rain….

…and even though it’s been full on with six kids in the house, we’ve managed to grab a minute or two of peace and quiet…

….and it’s been lovely but tomorrow they leave.
For us, the busy times continue with Leon’s class trips to archipelago islands (to investigate the sea life) and the technical museum, and Maya’s class who is right this minute on a trip to the reptile house at Skansen…

…and will be off to the beach with them on Friday to fly the kites they have made…
School is winding down, just a week or so to go, and we’re all looking forward to a long, and hopefully warm, summer…

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