St Patricks Day Celebrations

I always try to do something on St Patricks day – despite it being a non-event in Sweden – and this year, particularly important, as we have our very own Patrick (Patu) staying with us!

It seems that Liam the leprechaun (our resident St Patrick’s day visitor) had been up to mischief!
He had changed all the breakfast plates and cutlery to green items, put green grapes upon our plates, turned the milk green – and left his ‘give away’ trail of shamrocks…


He had mixed up the shoes by the front door – and again, left his ‘give away’ trail of shamrocks….

In the morning I made gold and green play dough for Ted…


In the afternoon we had shamrock cookies (Maya was responsible for taking them out of the oven 😉)…

I set up the window shamrocks…

…and in the evening we ate Irish stew, and had a super quick lesson on the Irish potato famine!
Of course, Liam the leprechaun couldn’t quite let it be, and there was one more trail of ‘give away’ shamrocks ….this time leading to a piece of ‘gold’ for each child by the rainbow..with Liam standing by of course….!

Happy St Patrick’s Day! 😄👒👗💚🌱🍵🍏


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