English Club : Oobleck 

So it was a beautifully hot and sunny day, and at 25C , I just knew that the boys wouldn’t feel like doing a ‘real’ lesson inside. I also knew that they really wanted to continue with the Oobleck experiment……

So, after an ice-lolly and a long chat in the garden (in English of course, because after all, that’s what it is all about!), we read a book about the rock cycle, including about our final rock type – metamorphic (what it is, and how it is made)…..

We looked at some examples of metamorphic rock in a book, and a real example of marble….

…and then we went on to the real fun…mixing water, cornflour and food colouring, to make ‘Oobleck’….

As I said previously, it’s wonderful to see these teen boys get to chance to explore, and enjoy, this relaxing sensory ‘play’… 😄

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